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Welcome to the Golden Age of Light

12.21.2020 Solstice Grand Conjunction in Aquarius

Welcome to the moment we've been waiting for! This pivotal, powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius on the Solstice ushers us into the Golden Age of Love and Wisdom for Humanity. This moment of time and space as seen from the Earth’s plane ignites the God Spark within each of us on this planet. We are at a moment of Self Revelation to the true nature of who and what we are; we are Pure Light Source Consciousness connected to all in Creation.

This Cosmic Conjunction culminates on the 2020 Solstice, a day when the “sun stands still”, marking the longest or shortest day/night of the year in the Northern/Southern Hemisphere and is a moment of celebration, transition and renewal dating back thousands of years among many peoples on every continent. On this day, the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn 0 Degrees indicating the Divinely protected, unlimited, infinite possibilities and achievements of our “Sol” shining our light in the world and how we use our intellect to communicate and connect us more deeply within the heart of the Divine God as our own Self Authority.

With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius 0 Degrees, coming together in the sky as one big beautiful Star, we expand our consciousness with gratitude, good fortune and faith in the exuberant, infinite possibilities God presents to us in every moment. It is our responsibility to create a long-lasting, reliable, foundation with patience and perseverance in our direct connection with God as the Aquarian energy enlightens us to the mystical resonance of unconditional self acceptance.

Aquarius energy is the Sacred, Mystical Architect, with a heart for Humanity, exuding inspiration, individuality, uniqueness, originality, self-expression, and curiosity. Aquarians are visionary, freedom-loving, humanitarian rebels with a passion for reform and break-throughs into awakening to a higher consciousness of God within oneself and a spiritual community. Aquarians motto “I know I am here to accomplish planetary healing.” Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarius 6 Degrees in Taurus delivers a lightning bolt of new awareness and insights of how we are responsible for how we nurture ourselves, our families, our resources, our home planet, and our health. Love and compassion for all creation as we are created from the same “cloth.” This compassionate current of electricity awakens our inner genius as we trust our intuition to create social reform and revolutionary ways of needing to be of service and support to others. We are awakening from the illusion of these man made laws and material life to the reality of God and Love as the only truth and Universal Law.

The Moon is in Pisces 23 Degrees indicates a pivot point, change, release, in how we recognize our feelings and intuition in presence of the Divine Feminine. We are embracing our own hearts once overlooked by distractions of the outside world. We are now nurturing our own Divinity and our hearts acknowledge and accept the collective experiences we each have experienced within our lifetime as well as each human being within the collective consciousness.

Venus in Sagittarius 7 Degrees magnetizes spiritual meaning and higher learning of love and beauty in our lives. We are seeking truth, transparency, authenticity and insight for the greater good as more collective collaborations begin to appear upon the planet. Our “more the merrier” philosophy creates an optimistic, electro-magnetic currency to planetary evolution.

Mars in its Home Sign of Aries 23 Degrees charges us with strength and direction during this pivotal point in our lives as we are ready to take a risk for greater rewards. As we move into a period of change and release, it is so important to prioritize self care routines as our physical and emotional energy and effort drives us forward toward our goals. Our physical vessel is the temple of our soul holding more and more photonic light. Daily transmutation of energy through movement allows the body to grow and expand for necessary endurance and energy.

Pluto in Home Sign of Capricorn 23 Degrees transforms our perception of how we view and react to the constant force of Change. We are in a constant, birth, death, rebirth process that is the loom of all creation. Learn to embrace the process and take note of Nature that is constantly renewing and regenerating throughout the Universe.

Welcome to the Golden Age of illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, purity, magic, and wisdom. The time has come to realize that you are golden, you are stardust, you are “All That Is".

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