• Lissa Finelli

Welcome to the Golden Age of Light

12.21.2020 Solstice Grand Conjunction in Aquarius

Welcome to the moment we've been waiting for! This pivotal, powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius on the Solstice ushers us into the Golden Age of Love and Wisdom for Humanity. This moment of time and space as seen from the Earth’s plane ignites the God Spark within each of us on this planet. We are at a moment of Self Revelation to the true nature of who and what we are; we are Pure Light Source Consciousness connected to all in Creation.

This Cosmic Conjunction culminates on the 2020 Solstice, a day when the “sun stands still”, marking the longest or shortest day/night of the year in the Northern/Southern Hemisphere and is a moment of celebration, transition and renewal dating back thousands of years among many peoples on every continent. On this day, the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn 0 Degrees indicating the Divinely protected, unlimited, infinite possibilities and achievements of our “Sol” shining our light in the world and how we use our intellect to communicate and connect us more deeply within the heart of the Divine God as our own Self Authority.

With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius 0 Degrees, coming together in the sky as one big beautiful Star, we expand our cons