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Sun Codes


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$150 / (6 Hr. Class)

This foundational, self-empowerment class focuses on anchoring your connection with your Higher Self to command your energy and to transmute all energies and entities around you through a daily practice of

connection and activation of your own Energies.  


Class Outline:

*Energy Hygiene and why it's important

*What are Energies and Entities

*How to connect with Higher Self 

*How to Command your Energies

*How to Transmute your Energies

*Review and experience a DAILY TRANSMUTING PROTOCOLS and discuss the various components and     foundational concepts and how they relate and translate to YOU and this PRACTICE

*Structure the DAILY TRANSMUTING PROTOCOL within your day. What does that look like?

  Tips to help identify shifts in YOUR ENERGY field. 

*BONUS! Getting started with a PENDULUM! Receive a gift of a crystal pendulum aligned with your frequency.



$150 / (6 Hr. Class)

This is an instructional crystal singing bowl course designed for individuals who are new to working with singing bowls.  You will learn techniques to incorporate them into a personal practice, add them to a class/service, or for meditative purposes.  Singing bowl meditation provide an almost unlimited number of settings to reduce stress and induce a relaxation response for all types of individuals.  Perfect for health and counseling professionals!!!

With this knowledge, you will walk away with the confidence needed to weave this healing tool into your life and personal practice. Bring your personal crystal bowls/healing tools to this session so you can work with them as we go through class.

Class Outline:

*What is sound healing

*How sound can assist in meditation

*How sound can re-harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic body

*How sound works within the subtle energy system

*What Crystal Singing Bowls are and how the various notes relate to the chakras and physical body

*How to properly play your bowl and use it for self-healing

*How to properly care of your Crystal Singing Bowls

*Q & A



$150 / (6 Hr. Class)

Embark on a transformative journey through the celestial realms with our comprehensive course, “Cosmic Cycles and your Celestial Body”. This course offers a captivating exploration of the stars, planets, and their profound influence on our bodies and lives.  With your own Natal chart, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, equipping you with practical tools and techniques to access the ancient wisdom and science behind your star map. Whether you’re new to the concept or seeking to enhance your understanding of yourself and those around you, this course is designed to teach you the basics of reading an astrological chart.


Class Outline:

*Origins & Key Codes - History of astrology. Discover the significance of the zodiac & its elements

*Natal Chart - A Cosmic snapshot of the time, date and place your Soul entered onto this Earth 

*The Planets - Unveil the planetary influences on human behavior, emotions, and life experiences

*The Zodiac Signs - Explore the twelve zodiac signs, their personalities, characteristics, and the archetypes 

*The Houses - Navigate through the twelve astrological houses and understand different areas of life

*The Aspects: Sacred Geometry - Explore the dynamic relationships between planets through their aspects



$150 / (6 Hr. Class)

Formed deep within the heart of the Earth, gemstones contain an incredible amount of wisdom from experiencing the many transformations over millions and millions of years. When you understand crystal meanings and their specific properties, you’ll be able to harness the full potential of their healing energy.  This class reviews crystals and their properties, how to clear, program and charge with your intention and how to use crystals and sacred geometry grids for manifestation, abundance and protection.

Class Outline:

*Discover the world of Crystal Healing Therapy, from its history to how crystals are formed

*Fundamentals of Crystal Healing. Principles of healing crystals, identifying different color, shape, frequency

*Essential techniques for crystal cleansing, charging, and setting intentions to harness their full potential

*Intermediate techniques such as chakra healing, pendulum divination, and rituals for manifestation and gratitude.

*Create powerful crystal grid formations using Crystals together with numerology and sacred geometry


$33 (2 Hr. Class)

Have you ever thought about how many toxins surround you every day and how to lessen that number? Are you looking for natural alternatives to feeling better emotionally and physically? Essential oils can help, not just any essential oil that claims to be “Natural” or “Organic” because it says so on the bottle. An essential oil consult will teach you about the oils, how to use them, and which ones to try first. A great place to start is on yourself!

Class Outline:

*Learn about these high vibrational energies are sourced

*What you need to make your own blends and how to use them via diffuser, internally or topically

*How to make natural cleaners for home and personal beauty

*Guided through various oil resources that will make it easy to figure out what you may need and can try

*Make your own unique blend in a roller bottle to take with you

*Expect to love them and become infinitely excited about their potential.

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