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2024 HeartShine Healing Update

Excited to announce our new offerings of Quantum Healing Therapies with Sound & Light, Energy & Frequencies, Classes & Retreats for Self - Empowerment and Consciousness Expansion at our Vibrational Health and Wellness Center in Bethlehem, CT.


At HeartShine Healing, we specialize in powerful, transformational techniques of harnessing the natural vibrations and frequencies in the universe.  Our Signature sessions are designed to increase your energy, promote spiritual growth, provide relief from chronic pain and stress and help you access your own innate healing abilities.


We believe in the power of vibrational healing to harmonize the mind, body and spirit and we leverage these powerful modalities with focus on love, compassion and joy from an elevated consciousness and expanded Heart Space.


We invite you to explore our newest offerings at HeartShine Healing!


Experience transcendence with our signature Light and Sound Healing Therapy, designed to relax your mind and body like never before. These sessions are perfect for those looking for deep sleep and relaxation. The light and sound therapy works hand-in-hand to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling revitalized and at peace as you lay on our Platinum LED Red & Blue Light Therapy Bed during an immersive Sound Healing session with the crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, gong and more.

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This session is a powerful combination of Quantum Energy Healing and Vibrational Sound Therapy for a truly profound and rejuvenating private experience. Both therapies will lead you into a state of deep receptivity in which you will feel your physical body relaxing and releasing tension, your emotional body clearing and emptying out, your mental body softening to expand, and your energetic body re-calibrating and lighting up. You will open up all levels of your being so true healing can begin.

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red light therapy@ heartshinehealing


Red & Blue/NIR Light Therapy is a 20-minute, non-invasive treatment that utilizes visible, red & blue light, and near infrared light wavelengths to promote wellness and healing. This gentle, LED light increases circulation to relieve pain and rejuvenate the entire body, and also addresses the underlying condition by stimulating the body’s innate healing abilities. 

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HeartShine Healing was created on the belief that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, and that it is our mission to facilitate in that process. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve optimal health and wellness through the transformative power of vibrational healing. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where our clients can access their innate well-being and find peace, clarity, and joy.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and bring vibrancy and light into your life.  

Click here to schedule a session today and let us help you SHINE from the inside out!

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