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Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum energy healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected, and that we are all affected by the energy fields around us. The Human body is made up of electro-magnetic energy that flows within our cells and around our physical body.  This energy can get caught or become stagnant in various areas of our Human Energy body and organ systems based on belief systems, trauma and past experiences. By working within these energy fields, we can influence our own health and well-being.  


Quantum Healing energy addresses, clears and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy centers of the human energy body.  In a state of deep relaxation, you will be encouraged and supported to transmute slower level energetics; tension, anxiety, stress and fear to faster level energetics, peace, balance, joy, compassion through your connection to your Higher Self for wholeness and balance.

Benefits of Quantum Energy Healing

*Bring about a peaceful, deep state of relaxation
*Dissolve energy blockages
*Detoxify the body
*Stimulate the body’s immune system
*Help to relieve pain & muscle tension
*Stimulate tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery
*Increase the vibrational frequency on physical, mental emotional & spiritual levels​


$120 (60-MINUTE) / $180 (90 MINUTE)

Quantum Energy Healing session to address, clear and balance physical, mental and emotional issues in and around the energy centers of the body. Session includes a 10-minute consult to discuss your intention and history to determine where potential blockages may be affecting your overall wellbeing. Each session is unique, and most people feel very relaxed and peaceful during and after the session.



Energy healing is a natural healing modality influenced by thought and intention. Energy can be broadcast from me to you as if you were in the treatment room with me. I tune into your bioenergetic field to clear and balance your energy.  Sessions are done via Zoom.

$135 (60 Minute) / $150 (90 MINUTE)
Rainbow Color Light Therapy is added to your Quantum Energy Healing session using a Chakra Light Crystal Wand.  This Chakra Wand is a small hand-held device which generates healing light frequencies to help balance your Chakras as the light stimulates the Quartz Vogal Crystal to release restorative energies and amplify your Lightbody .

$150 (60-MINUTE) / $210 (90 MINUTE)
This session is a powerful combination of Quantum Energy Healing and Vibrational Sound Therapy for a truly profound and rejuvenating private experience. Both therapies will lead you into a state of deep receptivity in which you will feel your physical body relaxing and releasing tension, your emotional body clearing and emptying out, your mental body softening to expand, and your energetic body re-calibrating and lighting up. You will open up all levels of your being so true healing can begin.

Healing is a life long journey full of many gifts of expansion and growth. When working through a specific issue or challenge, a 4 session healing program is recommended to support you in a greater space of empowerment and self-healing.  We offer discounted weekly, bi-weekly or monthly programs to maximize the benefits of frequent Quantum Healing sessions that have more of an impact on your overall wellness program.

$408 - Block of 4 - 60 minute Quantum Healing sessions 
$612 - Block of 4 - 90 minute Quantum Healing sessions

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