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Venus Conjunct The Sun in Libra

Updated: Dec 11, 2023


On October 22, 2022, Venus will conjunct the Sun in Libra at 29 degrees exact for the first time in 250 years! This major astrological event of these two heavenly bodies so close together is all about the Love and Abundance that shines from the depths of our Souls and our eternal connection to the Divine. This Venus point energy is blessing us with the opportunity to develop absolute Faith in the power and goodness of our Higher Selves with the energy of optimism.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships, music, art, inspiration, creativity, money, magnetism and harmony. Venus shapes our social attitudes, behaviors, aesthetic tastes and value and rules how we give and receive love and romance, our personal and professional partnerships, our capacity for humor, and the pursuit of pleasure.

The Sun is our vital life force, our spiritual core of our potential and uniqueness as individuals. The Sun fuels our consciousness, inner light, power, radiance, creativity, authority, and our will. It represents our personal honesty and integrity, and the ability to command respect and authority when initiating and activating creative ideas.

Libra looks for Justice,Truth and Balance in life especially in relationships. Libra

energy harmonizes acceptance, adaptability, diplomacy, balance, idealistic peacemaking, romance, compassion. This energy helps us to see the Divine in ourselves and all those we love as aspects of the Divine.

The number 29 carries the vibration of balance. 29\11\2 is the frequency of balancing the feminine and masculine energy within us to carry us forward through the gateway of our hearts. As we align our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies within, we are able to find our center, our own Divine energetic spark that moves us forward with love, confidence, beauty and grace.

Focus on the love and abundance that is already in your life.

Take a moment to sit with yourself and make a Gratitude list of all your blessings!

Write everything down! Even your ability to breathe, move, laugh and love!

Feel into the fact that Abundance is all around you, once you have the eyes to see!

Perception is everything and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Want to learn where your Venus is in your natal chart and how this transit is helping to support you? Contact for an astrological reading or register for my next Astrology class, Celestial Bodies and Cosmic Cycles.

Infinite Love and Blessings to All!


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