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Psychic Readings

At HeartShine Healing, we provide in-depth and personalized psychic readings that will leave you feeling more aware, enlightened, and empowered. Our mission is to help you connect with your true self by providing guidance, clarity, and healing and we ensure that our clients leave with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

$60 (30 MINUTE)
$120 (60 MINUTE)
$180 (90 MINUTE) 
In-Person, Phone, & Virtual Readings are available via Zoom, Facetime, Google Chat.

We all have our spiritual team made of our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, High Frequency Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters in our energy fields assisting us on our Soul's journey. They wait for us to ask them for their assistance and provide messages for guidance and validation.  *Lissa tunes into your energy as she's guided to facilitate these messages using multiple Angel, Oracle and Tarot card decks through their symbology of colors, numbers, natural energies and her own intuition.  

Astrology is a very powerful asset for your overall growth, development, and success in all areas of your life such as self-realization, relationships, career, finances, life purpose and spiritual growth. *With your birth date, birth place and time you were born, we look at your Natal Chart and go far beyond your Sun, Moon and Rising sign, we shine a light on what the placement of planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars means for you and understand how their aspects can influence your personality and vibration.

*A Natal Chart is a celestial snapshot of the planets and universal energies at play the moment your Soul arrived on this planet.  

*Progressed Chart is another way to look at the evolving positions of the planets as compared to your Natal Chart. A Progressed chart is an astrological chart used to track a person’s Natal chart’s evolution over time and shows how a person changes and experiences different life stages on their Soul's journey. *Natal Chart and Current Address required for reading.

*Bi-Wheel\Comparision Chart looks at the planets of two individuals, one within the other, to allow for the inter-aspects between two charts. *Natal Chart information needed for both individuals.

*Composite Chart is a midpoint combination of two individual's Natal charts and used to create a third chart of the relationship itself as an independent entity. *Natal Chart information needed for both individuals.
Wonderful perspective on personal and professional relationships.

Numerology is the study of numbers and the impact they make on our lives. Each number has a different vibration, and can therefore give us insight about ourselves and the path we'll walk during this lifetime. Numerology helps to bring awareness to your personal strengths, challenges, opportunities, patterns and potential destiny.  *Discover your unique Soul vibration with your Full Birth Name and Date of Birth, we reveal your Soul’s special Gift, your Soul’s purpose for being on this Earth at this time, and how your Soul expresses its Gifts in alignment with your career.         

Astro Numerology Reading is an integrated reading of your unique Astrological Natal chart and personal Numerology Soul vibrations to reveal an even deeper perspective of your inner light.  *With your Full Birth Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Time of Birth (if possible), we reveal your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs, your Soul Essence, Life Purpose and potential Destiny vibration of your Soul's strength, challenges, and evolution.   


Create a Cosmic Connection

Ready for your Celestial Conversation? Our astrology and numerology readings offer a unique opportunity to explore your innermost self and the universe around you. We provide you with insights that will help you better understand yourself and your place in the world. Don't wait to schedule your session and unlock the secrets of the cosmos!  

Please complete form below with your Full & Complete Birth Name, Birth Date, Birth Time and see payment links to initiate the process.  Once payment received, we will reply with a Zoom Meeting Link for our online recorded session.

Astrology & Numerology Reading Request

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