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12:12 Portal & New Moon in Ophiuchus

Updated: Dec 29, 2023


Tis the season for self reflection and gratitude for all the blessings we have received over this past year. A celebration of time spent with family and friends and the experiences that have contributed to your Soul’s Journey this past cycle. A moment to pause and review our choices, the outcomes and lessons we learned, and how we can apply that wisdom to shape our future.

Along this journey, we ALL are navigating through lessons and great change and these energies can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming. So how do we manage these energies? CREATE! CREATE! CREATE!

Where Energy goes, Energy Flows! We have the power to SHIFT our focus from the the idea of lack, limited beliefs, dwelling in the past, fear-based programming from the corporate news outlets, our JOY-based creative abilities! This change gives us the fuel to move past the distraction and forward to personal freedom. It is a time to re-create ourselves by tapping into our Divine potential as the World is OURS to create, if we CHOOSE to free ourselves of old perceptions, paradigms and patterns.

The Cosmos is giving us a potent window of energies to support our creative powers in the 12:12 Portal with a New Moon at 20 degrees in the sign of Sagittarius according to traditional western astrology. However, if you look up the position of the New Moon in any Star/Sky App, you will find it in the 13th zodiac sign of Ophiuchus (pronounced Off-ee-YOO-kuss), the “Serpent Bearer”, aka Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, Master Healer and Seeker of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Ophiuchus is a large constellation positioned between Scorpio and Sagittarius with a shorter sun cycle of only 18 days, November 29 to December 17. The Ophiuchus energies combine the Scorpio (Healer) and Sagittarius (Knowledge-Seeker) energies and there has been much debate about why Ophiuchus was not included as part of the zodiac. It was a man-made perception to "keep in balance" with the 12 month cycle. This raises a question, how does that affect my zodiac sign? I thought the same! I’m currently diving into how it shifts the other signs.

Sagittarius energies vibrate to the frequencies of optimism, faith, generosity, honesty, free-spirited adventure, free from restrictions, growth, expansion, expression, travel, exploration, and New Realities and Aspirations of your Higher Self!

What inspires you? What dreams can you pursue? What is your Soul’s Mission?

This New Moon on the 12:12 Portal amplifies a profound, spiritual significance of NEW beginnings, acting as a cosmic gateway bridging our Earth with higher realms. It is a catalyst for spiritual intuition, growth, manifestation, and awareness. It’s an opportune time to ask those Universal questions of “WHO AM I REALLY?” (Hint: Our Higher Self), What new seeds of creation want to manifest through me? What do I want to experience? What brings me JOY?

In Numerology, 12/12/2023 emits the vibration of: Creation, 1+2=3, and Foundation, 1+2+1+2+2+0+2+3 = 13\4.

This is a POWERFUL reminder for us, Creation is the Foundation of the Cosmos!

It is the vibration that lives in us ALL and is actively streaming infinite potential moments! We have the power to choose how to harness this cosmic energy for our Souls Evolution. So...what do YOU want to create? What type of reality do YOU want to experience? Give yourself the gift of contemplation and re-create yourself!

Since last month’s New Moon in Scorpio I’ve been asking myself these same questions.

As a result, I’m excited to announce the launch of my new logo, website, services, classes and retreats offering Vibrational Healing Therapies of Sound & Light, Energy & Frequencies for Self Empowerment and Expansion at my Vibrational Health and Wellness Center in Bethlehem, CT. Chick here for more info!

I IN-JOY the re-creation process and excited for the next part of the journey.

Are YOU ready to evolve, create and SHINE in a whole new light?

Harness the energies of this 12:12 New Moon and schedule a session today!


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