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Today the Sun moves into the sign of Leo illuminating our Inner Light, Will, Power and Passion! This energy encourages us to create from the heart of the Divine Child. Its time for us to gather our courage and show ourselves, and the world, who we really are through our own unique self expression and creativity. We are the Nobel leaders of our own lives fueled by our vitality and motivated by love and compassion to manifest our big ideas for a new way of living for the greater good. Through our expanded consciousness, we are reclaiming back our power that we have given away unconsciously. Big changes are here for humanity and the planet and it is time to shift our modus operandi from the mind to the heart.

Today is the Red Cosmic Serpent in the Mayan Dreamspell with the energies of Transcendance, Passion, Life Force, Vitality, Creativity, Motivation and Desire highlighting our instinct of passion. What creations and desires live in your heartspace that want to manifest into the physical??

The Cosmic Tone of 13, Universal Movement, also the Goddess number, vibrates to frequency shifts, unseen forces, and inter-dimensional shifts. We are being asked to practice presence and notice synchronicities as we surrender and trust the flow of our own inner knowing and psychic abilities.

Today is the Feast of Mary Magdalene honoring the Twin flame of Yeshua Ben and disciple of ISIS as they hold the Christos Unconditional Divine Love Codes. We are being anointed in our mission to embody the Christos Sophia Consciousness and to step into our Divine Sovereignty as sisters and brothers of the Rose Temple. We are Beings of Light asked to strengthen our energy field to allow more of the Divine Light to flow through our bodies safely, and into our Soul’s Highest Expression. We are first being asked to face the pain, trauma and dense cellular memories we have held in our energy fields through self-awareness, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance for ourselves and others. Hold yourself in deep reverence and focus on self care and nurturing. Only then can we sustain and hold a higher vibration to support our Ascension. *Envision a Pillar of White Light with Grace, Light and Healing power descending from above, flowing into your central channel and eventually blessing the Earth through your body.

Christ Codes Crystal Grid Activation

#Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love, Infinite Peace, Heart-Opener

#Carnelian - Creativity, Vitality, Courage

#Tiger’s Eye - Integrity, Protection, Grounding

#Garnet - Revitalize, Purify, Inspire Love and Devotion

#Pyrite - Wealth, Luck, Physical and Emotional Wellness

#Green Aventurine - Heart Healer, Comforter and Harmonizer

#Citrine - Abundance, Prosperity and Success

#Sunstone - Joyful, Light-Inspiring, and Regeneration

#Chrysocolla - Calm, Stabilizer, Self Awareness

#Clear Quartz - Master Healer, Amplifier, Cleanser,

#Lemurian Quartz - Wisdom, Sacred Messages, Deep Understanding of Self and the Universe



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This is powerful wisdom my spiritual sister and thank you for always sharing your inner light and beautiful soul for the world to see!

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