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Lissa Finelli
Lissa Finelli

About Lissa

Lissa is a Master Vibrational Healer with sacred knowledge on how to transmute energy, release dis-ease and helps one to tune into their own spiritual Mastery.  Through her laughter, eyes, smile and wisdom, she embodies the loving, powerful, wisdom keeper, with a twinkle in her eye.  Playful, earthy, cosmic, accepting and sincere with a genuine heart to inspire and empower.  Through touch, sound, elementals, plants and stories, she gives you the full version of who you really are.  She is the perfect reflection of wholeness and mastery.  


In 1995, she began raising her family while pursuing a successful, 22 year career working for a Fortune 500 global media company. She advanced to a Senior Management position responsible for leading and coaching teams across the globe.  She felt the need to find a work life balance that led her to seek healthier ways to find peace, to reduce stress and to fulfill her Divine purpose.

In 2012, Lissa began her journey of self transformation focused on her inner spiritual work. She experienced her first energy healing session in 2014 and it changed her life, igniting her Ascension journey. Her spiritual interests and natural gifts expanded as she became certified in multiple healing arts; Guided Meditations, Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Soul Healing Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist. 

In 2017, Lissa decided to follow her heart, passion and her Divine purpose. She founded HeartShine Healing to assist Humanity in connecting to their Higher Selves, living from their hearts, sharing their unique Divine gifts with the world.

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