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Happy Equinox and Astro New Year!

On March 20, the Sun enters the sign of Aries initiating the start of the Western Astrological New Year Cycle! It is a time of change, a completed cycle, a new season. It is also the Spring or Autumn Equinox as the Sun shines nearly an equal amount of daylight and darkness on Mother Earth. Equinox energy is about balance, zero point, accepting all the light and darkness within ourselves and trusting that we are infinite souls experiencing all of creation. It is a time of rebirth, renewal and realigning with natural cycles and shifts of the Universe.


Moon in Home sign of Cancer, we feel the need to come home to ourselves. A time to nurture our hearts and souls in a protective space as this First Quarter Moon sheds light on our feelings we have carried with us through the seasons. Our feelings are charged from our experiences and have a cycle of their own. If we hold onto them for too long, they become dull, stagnant

and slow us down, creating repeating patterns in our lives. It is a time to honor and allow our bodies to feel any heavy or stagnant emotions so we may accept and release them from our hearts, minds and electro-magnetic fields. This is an ideal time for a hot bath or foot soak with some epson salts and essential oils to allow the water to detox and wash away the tears and fears with ease. Create a monthly ritual during every Full Moon to allow the body to balance out the ebbs and flows of the heartfelt, emotional tides.


Venus conjuncts the Sun in fiery Aries igniting an awareness and declaration of our souls “I AM LOVE” presence. It is a time to see and feel the light, the passion, the acceptance of who and what we are, Divine Love.

This is an initiation into a higher and expanded version of ourselves. When we move into self-acceptance, we feel confident, empowered, and fearless to stand in our truth. Our innate, childlike wonder leads us to new possibilities of joy and play as we surrender to our heart’s desire and passion to create a fulfilling life. Love, relationships, money, beauty, art and creativity are strong during this transit through mid April when the Sun and Venus moves into earthy, Taurus, ruled by Venus. Now is a great time to create a VISION board to plant the seeds for your most heartfelt creations as Aries energy fuels your visions with inspired action.


Mercury in Pisces encourages and supports us to have faith and trust in our dreams, magic and psychic abilities. There is a deepening in how we think, speak and express what is in our hearts. We can now visualize how we are connected to all things and feel an increased compassion for ourselves and Humanity. We may find great moments of inspiration that channel into a creative project, allowing our imagination to be our guide to envision the highest possible way of living for ourselves and our collective community. We open and expand our hearts and minds to welcome new perspectives on our current beliefs. A daily meditation practice connects us to our inner wisdom and Divine Spirit and journaling is also a great way to release the flow of our thoughts, emotions, dreams and wishes. New insights about ourselves and the infinite possibilities are waiting to be discovered.


Mars in Gemini supercharges the Sun in Aries energy as we are motivated and ready to take action in new directions. Our passion and desires are ready to be seeded in our proverbial garden as we feel the urge to experience all of it!

A volcano of ideas, projects and expressions will bubble up to your awareness and want to overflow into your life. The key is to remain focused and present on which creations want to be birthed into completion.

Get your “TO DO” list ready to help you prioritize and keep you on track and remember to let your heart fuel and keep you in your natural flow!


Curious about your own Astrological birth chart and blueprint and how to celebrate the shifts of the seasons? EMail me at for an Astrology reading and your own personal essential oils by your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. Essential oils are powerful gifts of Mother Earth that help balance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with Nature.

Equinox Essential Oils:

  • Aries -> Peppermint ~ Calms the fire, rejuvenates, refocus, fresh start

  • Cancer -> Lavender ~ Balance Depression, Promotes Relaxation, eases anxiety, regulates mood swings and restores comfort

  • Pisces -> Myrrh ~ Helps grounding, overcome soreness of feet and water retention, promotes good health, reduces inflammation, helps with focus, rational thinking when too emotional

  • Gemini -> Bergamot ~ Alleviates overstimulation and tension in neck/arm/shoulders also brings out your quick wit and help you connect mentally with others while sharpening mental focus

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