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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”- Nikola Tesla

Energy is defined as a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system producing a physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work.

Frequency is the rate of vibration or wave of an energy form. The frequency of a wave is the number of waves that pass by each second, and is measured in Hertz (Hz). For example, a sound wave might have a frequency of 432 Hz.

Vibration is a rapid oscillation of particles. Sound is created through the vibration of air. When something produces vibrations, it creates sound waves. The movement of the vibration through the air is what people hear when they hear sound.

Solfreggio is defined as the use of the sol-fa syllables; do, re, mi, fa, sol, la ti, to represent the tones of the scale of a particular series.

Sound touches every part of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Sound is not just heard through our ears but through every part of who we are. The human body is made up of 70% of water. The cells of our bodies are liquid contained in a cellular membrane and are the ideal recipients for pressure waves, the waves produced by sound.

The use of sound frequencies as a healing modality dates back to prehistoric times, when shaman chanted and drummed to heal people. In the ancient mystery schools of Greece, India, Egypt and other centers of knowledge, the use of sound and music for healing was a highly developed sacred science. These cultures knew the benefits of sound on the body, mind and spirit and used sound vibrations to harmonize and heal their families and communities.

We all know how music makes us feel, affecting our mood, emotions and memories. We can feel how different types of music can affect our emotions to a “happy” or “melancholy” state. However, it can go much deeper and there are many references to how certain frequencies can affect our physiology in a positive or negative manner.

Our physical and energetic bodies are consistently absorbing and emitting energy, frequencies and vibration across the spectrum. All of us have stress and it’s how we handle stress that matters most. According to the American Institute of Stress, up to 90 percent of physicians’ visits are stress-related. An out-of-tune body begins to experience a variety of stress signals, including anxiety, insomnia, allergies, food sensitivities, or physical and emotional pain.

The main principle of sound healing is resonance. Each organ and system of our body has its own frequency. Our cells also have their own sound frequency. The goal of sound healing is to bring our cells and organs back to their optimum frequency, to their highest state of harmony and health which allows them to do their work and replicate. The cells of our bodies absorb the healing sounds to re-harmonize cells that have been imprinted with disruptive frequencies. The vibrational frequency in which we operate attracts similar vibration. What we experience through our lives is the mirror that allows us to know who we are as energy.

By matching the frequencies of a healthy resonance with different instruments such as quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums, gong and other instruments, a sound healing practitioner can provide stress relief as a natural way to achieve harmony and homeostasis in the body, mind and spirit.

To schedule a private or group sound healing in person or virtual, contact Lissa Finelli via call/text @ 203-704-0106 or email:

“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” -Albert Einstein


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