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Welcome to HeartShine Healing

Lissa Finelli

HeartShine Healing is a sacred space where individuals may learn how to balance their Body, Mind and Spirit with Self Empowerment practices using Sound Healing, Energy Balancing, Light Therapy, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Crystals and Classes.

My mission is to inspire and empower others to love and live from their hearts uplifting Humanity into Higher States of Consciousness.


Lissa Finelli

About Lissa

Lissa is a Master Vibrational Healer with sacred knowledge of how to transmute energy, release dis-ease and helps one to tune into their own spiritual Mastery.  She embodies the loving, powerful, wisdom keeper, yet is playful, earthy, cosmic, accepting and sincere with a genuine heart to serve and empower.  Through sound, touch, elementals, plants and stories, she gives you the full version of who you really are.  She is the perfect reflection of wholeness and mastery.  

Vibrational Healing Therapy using Sound, Light, Crystals, Elementals, and Healing Touch to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmonic alignment.

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