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What to expect during a Reiki session?

A Reiki session is relaxing and soothing and can calm the mind and clear away stress and other negative emotions.  During a Reiki session, the individual remains fully clothed (minus shoes) while relaxing comfortably on a massage table or sitting in a chair. The practitioner gently places their hands in different positions on or above the body.  The body’s energy systems are re-aligned bringing about a general feeling of well-being.  Sessions can last 20 – 90 minutes depending on the client.  Most clients report a feeling of deep relaxation and peace during and after a session; some may experience warmth, coolness, or tingling sensations during the session or may even fall asleep.  The experience is different for each person with affects felt 2-3 days following the session as this is part of the body’s natural healing process.


Benefits to Employees:

De-stressing and relaxing

Uplifting and improves energy flow

Improves concentration

Helps to alleviate physical and mental fatigue

Releases negative emotions

Creates inner peace and calm

Increased job satisfaction

Benefits to Company:

Increases positive productivity and mental clarity

Relieves stress and tension in the workplace

Improves morale and motivates staff

Increases attendance

Demonstrates commitment to development and well- being of employees

Enhances your company profile

Reduction of healthcare costs

Corporate Reiki Programs and Rates:

Customize your Overall Reiki Program including;
Introduction to Reiki and its benefits for employees can be communicated via email or other internal applications/websites and/or a brief in-person presentation with Q&A either online or in person.

An empty room is chosen in your office that can be used as the "Reiki Room" for the day. A chair or massage table is set up there and your employees can sign up in advance for a Reiki session based around their work schedules. Employees would need to sign waivers indicating that they are responsible for their own health and this is not to be substituted as a medical treatment.

Many options, frequency and length of visits to offer Reiki sessions to employees: 


A “Corporate Reiki Day’ encompasses several 30 minute slots depending on employee’s availability. Scheduled On-Site Reiki Sessions offered one day a week/month as part of Corporate Wellness Program. Corporate Rates: Half -Day - 3 hrs./$300 (5 clients max*), Full-Day - 6 hrs./$550 (10 clients max*) 

*Pro-rata rates available for 1 – 2 additional clients per half/full day. Employees can book and purchase 30-90 minute Reiki sessions on site. Employee Rates: 30 minutes/ $45, 60 minutes/ $80, 90 minutes /$100 

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