Soul Coaching

We are in a unique space as humanity is evolving at a rapid pace.  We are spiritual beings of pure light energy having a human experience as we bring our light into the physical plane of existence of Earth Mother Gaia.  At times, we need help navigating our journey to self realization.  If you want to develop your spirit gifts, develop your intuition, learn how to clear blockages, or work with energy, sound, crystals, essential oils, angel cards or are just looking for someone to guide and mentor, I can help you!


Sessions are done online or over the phone.

3 months = $225, 6 months = $420, 9 months = $585, 12 months = $720.* *Must be paid in full to start the program. 

What you get:

Monthly 90-minute in-person meetings Unlimited email exchanges Personalized weekly 1-card reading Personalized monthly 3-card reading

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