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Contact Lissa to create your customized session that can be done in person or virtually via Zoom with pricing based on length of session.  Sessions are 60 to 120 minutes in length based on individual need and intention.


HeartShineVibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing sessions completely customized to your needs bringing transformation and harmony to your mind, body and soul allowing you to connect and embody your Higher Self. This session combines spiritual coaching and various modalities of vibrational medicine, sound, light, color, energy work, aromatherapy, warm salt stones, and crystals.


 Sound Healing 

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years by all cultures as they knew the benefits of sound on the body, mind and spirit. Sound has a therapeutic effect of an internal sound massage, placing the listener in a meditative state, allowing the physical body to release tension and stress while promoting relaxation and self-healing.  Experience a private Sound Healing where you will be immersed in a beautiful sound bath with Quartz Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, Drums Flutes and other instruments as these sacred sounds soothe your soul.


 Elemental Energy Balancing 

This Light Body healing therapy uses the tools of Usui Reiki, high vibrational crystals and essential oils to address, clear and balance physical, mental and emotional issues in and around the energy centers of the body.  In a state of deep relaxation, you will be encouraged and supported to let go of low level energetics; tension, anxiety, stress and fear and reconnect to your Higher Self as a state of peace, well-being and balance is experienced.  


Essential Oil Consult

Discover the powerful and loving plant kingdom as it offers a holistic connection to self and gifts beyond measure.  Immerse yourself in these high vibrational plant essences through a daily routine of aromatherapy, self care, wellness practices, natural beauty and home cleaning solutions. More information on my doTerra website:

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