My mission is to offer holistic healing therapies to others for self-awareness, health and stress management, relaxation with focus on continued learning, sharing and co-creation!

Excited to partner with Salt of The Earth Sanctuary and Spa in Woodbury, Connecticut offering services by appointment.

The high vibrational salt creates a sacred space of clarity, calm, peace and serenity for deep transformations.

Himalayan Harmonics -  Crystal Sound Cave Session with Lissa

Join me every Thursday and submerge yourself in a 45 minute Sound Salt Bath with the healing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls surrounded by salt.  The vibrational tones stimulate the restoration of balance within us by allowing the physical body to release tension, to restore harmony to the rhythmic patterns of our organs and cells and to reconnect us with our vital life force. 

Thursdays, 6p - 7p


Contact me to reserve your space.

Stay tuned for more information on future events and workshops.