Energy Healing - Light Body Balancing

Light Body Balancing 

Everything is Energy. The Human body is made up of electo-magnetic energy that flows within our cells, around our physical body and all around us.  This energy can get caught or become stagnant in various areas of our body and organ systems based on belief systems and past experiences.  This light touch, Light Body healing therapy uses Universal Life Force energy to address, clear and balance physical, mental and emotional issues in and around the energy centers of the body.  In a state of deep relaxation, you will be encouraged to let go of low density energetics; tension, anxiety, stress and fear.   Reconnect to your own inner life force as a state of peace, well-being and balance is experienced.

60 minutes - $100

Virtual Energy Healing

Energy healing session at a distance in the comfort of your own home.  Energy healing is a natural healing modality influenced by thought and intention.  Energy can be broadcast from me to you as if you were in the treatment room with me. I tune into your consciousness to clear and balance your energy field. Sessions are done via Zoom.

30 minutes - $45

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